English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Latin and many other languages... at all skill levels and with one-on-one or group teaching.

We rely on a team of language teachers consisting of native speakers who have undergone the best educational training to teach you the language of your choice in an authentic and realistic manner. Our language courses are based on both classic, well-established media (e.g. books and role-play) and interactive digital media and always involve being taught in small groups of 3-5 participants. This enables us to individually support and promote every single course participant.


Our courses are tailored to suit your needs and requirements and make use of practical and authentic teaching material that factor in your interests. We consider your motivation to be an important aspect of learning. Therefore, before you join a course, there is an in-depth consultation session with our placement officer and a language level test so that a course programme can be tailored to suit the requirements of every group of learners and to work together with you to define your learning targets. Regular 'checks' enable you to track your progress throughout the duration of your course.

We also attach special importance to providing our course participants with intercultural know-how. Mastering a language is not the only requirement needed to achieve successful communication. This is why our language teachers also provide you with the cultural features and characteristics of the region concerned, for example its way of life, forms of address, what faux pas not to commit.

We offer you courses in all European languages and many other languages involving one-on-one or group teaching at all skill levels. Our programme also contains job-related courses, high impact courses and certification courses.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Student Hotline by calling +49 (0)6104 408710. We will be happy to help you.

All of our language courses offer the following advantages:

  • Our language courses are available for all skill levels: beginners, basic level, intermediate level and advanced level.

  • They are suitable for general learning targets, job-related learning and certification.

  • You can start the courses whenever you wish.

  • The language training is provided in the target language that you are aiming to learn, but our language teachers can, of course, also speak German.

  • Lesson times for each language course can be arranged within the following hours by individual arrangement:

    Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 9:30pm

    Sat: 8:00am - 2:00pm

French is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and is used on all of the world's continents. It is not only used as an official language in Canada, Haiti, Switzerland and Belgium, for example, but is also common in many countries in Africa (e.g. Cameroon) and Southeast Asia due to France's colonial past. The French language also plays an interesting role in the world of politics as one the most important working languages of the European Union and many other significant international organisations. The fact that a large number of people are native speakers of French or have mastered it as their second language makes it an extremely valuable lingua franca that will help you to successfully communicate on both a business and private level all over the world. On top of all this, French is also considered to be one of the most beautiful languages in the world and is undoubtedly still the number one language where the arts and culture are concerned.

We offer the following courses:

Standard Course

Description Participant Teaching Unit Price


3 - 5 8 TU per Month
1 x per Week 2 TU
95,- €
3 - 5 12 TU per Month
1 x per Week 2 TU
143 €
3 - 5 16 TU per Month
2 x per Week 2 TU
190,- €
SUPER 1 One-to-one Lesson customized to suit your Needs and Goals 48,- € / TU
SUPER 2 Partner Lesson
(with YOUR Partner)
customized to suit your Needs and Goals 25,- € / TU / Person
Coursematerial: starting at 47,- € per person / course


High Impact

Our special interactive high impact courses enable you to learn language in the most effective way possible. All of the programmes are tailored to suit specific tasks and activities and are available for English, Spanish, French, Italian and German. The courses are available on a one-on-one basis (SUPER 1) or as partner courses (SUPER 2).

International Negotiations

If you already boast excellent knowledge of your chosen language, this special course will help you to further develop your communication skills when it comes to holding international negotiations.

We use simulations, role-plays, recordings and regular feedback to enable you to understand the different communication styles and characteristics of other language cultures and to integrate them into your personal style. We provide you with vital intercultural expertise for even more successful negotiations.


Successful communication depends on more than just the effective use of spoken language. This course uses video recordings followed by critical analysis to introduce you to the subtleties of body language, voice control and interaction with your audience and to teach you how to use persuasive, informative and entertaining techniques in a targeted manner. It will enable you to perform successfully in front of an international audience.

Speech Preparation

This course is specifically tailored to suit individuals who want to make a speech in a foreign language. We help participants polish up the linguistic aspects of their speech before recording it on camera and then analysing it from a variety of different angles. We also discuss potential questions from the audience and practice answering these questions together with participants.

Social Contact in the Business World / Small Talk

This course will help to improve your competence where social contact with an international audience is concerned. It uses typical situations taken from the everyday working lives of business travellers and individuals who have contact with international visitors or work in an international environment to provide practical teaching of the course content. Make the most of this special task-based foreign language training to improve your intercultural competence when professionally dealing with international contacts.


Description Participant Teaching Unit Price
SUPER 1 One-to-one Lesson customized to suit your Needs and Goals 52,- € / TU
SUPER 2 Partner Lesson
(with YOUR Partner)
customized to suit your Needs and Goals 26,- € / TU / Person



Job-related Language Courses

The challenges and demands facing us in our working lives are constantly changing, becoming more complex and requiring increased flexibility as they follow the rhythm of the world surrounding us. In today's globalised world, being able to master a foreign language has become part and parcel of our day-to-day working life. We therefore work closely with you to provide you with interactive language courses for English, Spanish, French, Italian and German that suit your individual needs and requirements and enable you to work even more successfully.

Fit for the Office 1 (language course - basic level)

This course is aimed at participants with limited prior knowledge of a language who want to learn the language in a job-related and practice-oriented manner right from the word go.

The main focus of this course is placed on helping participants to acquire a specific business vocabulary and to master the everyday situations involved when using language in the business world, for example customer contact, telephoning and writing e-mails, and notes.

Fit for the Office 2 (language course - intermediate level)

This course is tailored to suit the needs and requirements of commercial employees who require excellent knowledge of a foreign language in order to successfully deal with their day-to-day business activities. The course aims to enable participants to successfully conduct telephone calls, competently communicate with clients and customers and be capable of reading and writing business correspondence (e-mails, letters, etc.). Participants require good knowledge of the language in order to take this course.

Fit for the Business World (language course - intermediate to advanced knowledge)

This course focuses on all of the typical requirements involved in the challenging modern business world, for example meetings, business trips, presentations, negotiations and customer service.

It offers usage-based language training that is specifically oriented to suit participants' needs and requirements. We use classic methods such as role-play combined with modern audiovisual tools to help you to develop a style of communication that will also enable you to work successfully on an international level.

Participants require very good or excellent knowledge of the language in question in order to take this course.


Description Participant Teaching Unit
(TU = 45 Minutes)
Activegroup 3 - 5 8 TU per Month
1 x per Week 2 TU
99,- €
Activegroup 3 - 5 12 TU per Month
1 x per Week 3 TU
148,00 €
Activegroup Power 3 - 5 16 TU per Month
2x per Week 2 TU
198,- €
SUPER 1 One-to-one Lesson customized to suit your Needs and Goals 52,- € / TU
SUPER 2 Partner Lesson
(with YOUR Partner)
customized to suit your Needs and Goals 26,- € / TU / Person
Coursematerial: starting at 47,- € per person / course



Intensive Courses

Do you only have a limited amount of time and therefore only want to learn what you really need to know? If so, then our intensive courses, which help you to quickly achieve your goals, are the ideal option for you!

  • We provide courses for all skill levels: beginners, basic level, intermediate level and advanced level.

  • They are suitable for general learning targets, job-related learning and certification.

  • You can start the courses whenever you want.

  • English, Spanish, French, Italian and German

Other languages are also available on request.


Description Participant teaching Unit
(TU = 45 Minutes per Week,
Monday - Friday)
Activegroup 3 - 5 20 TU
30 TU
40 TU
275,00 €
397,50 €
460,00 €
SUPER 1 One-to-one Lesson 20 TU
30 TU
40 TU
1000,00 €
1470,00 €
1920,00 €
SUPER 2 Partner Lesson
(with YOUR Partner)
20 TU
30 TU
40 TU
500,00 €
735,00 €
960,00 €
Coursematerial: starting at 47,- € per person / course



Special Courses

If your English skills are at least at an intermediate level, we offer a number of interesting special courses as supplements to our regular language courses. The main focus of these special courses is providing language teaching that varies from the classical approach by using a diverse range of fun activities to create new learning stimuli and further develop your language skills.

Ask us about our special courses and be surprised by what we have to offer!

We currently offer the following special courses:

Conversation Club

  • Come together with other people and discuss current topics

  • Exchange opinions

  • Hold discussions

  • Make the most of ACTIVE language use

  • Increase your confidence when using a foreign language

  • Friendly and informal discussion sessions

Master Classes

  • Meetings, presentations and e-mails

  • Grammar

  • Telephoning and customer service

  • Learn to deal with different cultures

  • visiting a foreign company / country

Our special courses are led by very experienced master trainers who are specialists in their respective topic areas.

Each master class and session focuses on only one of the above topics.

Special Courses for Children

Learning a foreign language can open up a whole new world for your children. A foreign language will not only help them to access a new culture and achieve even more success in their future careers, but also provide synergistic effects that will aid their acquisition of their native language. One of the most important aims of our courses for children is to provide them with fun learning activities in a playful and happy setting. We offer language courses in English, French, Spanish and Italian for children aged between 8 and 13 years old.

  • Increase your children's self-confidence

  • Expand your children's horizons by enabling them to access a new language culture

  • Give your children a head start for their future careers

  • Help your children to improve their school marks

Our children's language courses are specially tailored to suit the needs of young school pupils by teaching them in a fun educational manner. As is also the case with our other courses, our children's language courses are provided by native speakers with competent educational training who not only teach children a new language, but also give them the intercultural knowledge required to access other cultures. We want to support your child's natural curiosity. As can be expected on the basis of our other courses, we also provide optimal support for participants in our children's language courses by using both well-established materials (e.g. children's textbooks and role-play activities) and modern interactive media (e.g. Smart Boards and computers) and working in small groups.