Who we are

Terence F. Hoey: Our CEO and founder has worked for a number of major companies internationally in the fields of economics, management and training. He has over 27 years experience in language education and is the author and co-author of several ESP and teaching methodology publications. Unsatisfied with language schools focus on mere quantity of students he decided in 1994 to found the NEW LANGUAGE SCHOOL (later NLS-Institute of Foreign Languages). His main teaching objective has always been to help people define their goals and to better themselves. He still enjoys being in the classroom and uses a passion for teaching and fun in the lessons to help participants achieve their language goals. "27 years later, it still gives me great satisfaction to see others grow and become happier in their working and private lives. It's always a win/win situation."

Monika Weilmünster: Monika Weilmünster has been with the NLS Institute since 1997 and is responsible for sales and administration. Prior to joining us she worked in the fields of marketing and administration for companies such as Eurocos and Procter & Gamble. “I really enjoy the work here and the direct contact with our clients and believe greatly that in business there are no problems, only solutions.”

Our Language Trainers: Our team of over 30 highly qualified and experienced native speakers come from every corner of the world and are academically and professionally trained to teach you your chosen foreign language as quickly and effectively as possible. To guarantee continuous top-quality language training they regularly participate in further education workshops in order to maintain the high quality of our lessons and to ensure that only the very latest teaching methodology is being applied. Our trainers are there to facilitate, support and promote your individual language learning goals.

Sandy Chau: Sandy Chau has recently joined the school´s team as an office manager trainee having completed a successful internship with us in 2014. She will spend the next three years at NLS-Institute honing her management skills. She wishes to specialise in marketing and sales.

Monty & Skye: Montgomery Maddoch von den Steigenwaldhoehen and his half-sister Sovereign Santos Summer Skye the adorable West Highland White Terriers are the school's mascots and quickly conquer the hearts of visitors to our institute.